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The Field is an organisational development company with expertise in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. After 15 years of working with literally thousands of leaders and teams, we have pulled together the best content from all of our programs to oer organisations quality online learning. Our mission is to build extraordinary workplaces, filled with extraordinary humans, with less time and resources.

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"This course has been absolutely invaluable. It's perfectly structured, starting with understanding yourself, then building connections, and then thinking about the larger picture. Some of the exercises seem misleadingly simple - it's easy to fall into the trap thinking "this is so simple, I don't need to actually do it, I know I can do it". But there is more to it. If you commit yourself to doing every single exercise, you will soon realise that they are a lot harder to do then you think.


It's been about 2 months now since I started the program, and already I can see the change, both personally and professionally. My relationships are stronger, the clients are delighted with the work we've been producing over the last few weeks, and I have been tackling projects I probably wouldn't have before. I think that a course like that is more valuable than most university degrees - because most degrees teach you a certain sequence of steps, a technique, a tactic.


The Extraordinary Minds Program doesn't teach you tactics, it shows underlying principles. Once you understand those, you can come up with your own tactics. And the best part - those principles are universal. Unlike formal education, they are not tied to any field, any industry in particular."

V. Kravchuk, Weber Shandwick Australia

"Awesome course, pushes one to think outside their usual patterns...


I loved all the videos of experiments. I am inherently a logical thinker and get along best with other similar thinking people but this course has challenged my tendency to gravitate towards like minds. I have started making more of an effort to understand where dissimilar thoughts (to me) are coming from to try and widen my perspective. I enjoyed it very much!"

Rated 5 out of 5

Mitushi Chowdhury, Qld Utility Company Brisbane

"The Extraordinary Minds Program by The Field is an interesting, thorough, amazing online course created to develop leaders and change culture from within. I found The Extraordinary Minds Program course was a wonderful supplement to my past leadership trainings.


The online course was easy to navigate, it made me look inside and explore my self-awareness at a deeper level, it reminded me to develop a curious mindset and to get comfortable with change. It reaffirmed the need to master my mind and focus on where I want to be; reframe failures and learn from them. I enjoyed completing the workbook actions and quizzes to imbed my knowledge.


I recommend The Extraordinary Minds Program to anyone wanting to look inside, discover the best version of themselves and inspire others to become extraordinary leaders."

Bella Giles, Western Australia