Leadership Development workshops

Imagine a world where workplaces are environments that advance human potential and happiness


Personality @ Work

Of all the work we do, understanding, identifying and adapting to personality styles are still the greatest skills people can develop in the workplace.  


Emotional Intelligence

The freedom and influence we have when we understand and can develop mastery with what we think, feel and do is the greatest work we can engage in on a daily basis...

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Leadership Conversations

Leaders can change the workplace one conversation at a time - and that can go either way.  With tried and tested tools, leaders learn to step into conversations with the intention of progress


Customised Programs

Often, L&D and HR professionals are looking for something specific for their people - something that meets a particular need, fits in with prior development or incorporates ideas already generated within the organisation.  We have customised countless programs with our clients to ensure that what we deliver is perfect for them.  Please contact us (below) if you would like to see if we can help you with your leadership strategy!

We’ve had a great working relationship with Kym Lincolne from The Field Coaching and Development in the leadership development space. As well as being an absolute dream to deal with, she always delivers.  We have had high quality, high impact programs on a wide variety of topics and consistent great feedback from participants.  What also stands out with Kym is her absolute commitment to what she does, her super engaging and passionate style and her unique ability to resonate and build relationships with a very diverse range of people. In our large, complex and diverse organisation this has been a critical factor to success. Our Learning and Organisational Development team couldn’t have asked for a better partnership.

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