Are you a leader who wants to step out of all of the noise and experience what it takes to be extraordinary in your work?

Are you a manager, L&OD or HR professional who wants to bring something into your organisation that changes people's lives?

To go to that next level, requires a changed mind... and there is nothing more powerful than that...

After working with literally thousands of leaders and teams, we have created a​n extraordinary senior leadership development program.  This program not only delivers massive growth to individual leaders, it is designed to deliver massive value back to organisations through that leadership...

The Extraordinary

Minds Program

The bridge between organisational and individual evolution. With online and in person learning options, we can adapt this program to fit your company.


We also have a suite of outstanding workshops that you might be interested in, plus we have worked with many organisations to customise great leadership programs. 


Beyond what is usual, regular or ordinary

The Field is an organisational development company with expertise in human cognition and behaviour through the fields of psychology and neuroscience. We have spent 15 years of working with literally thousands of leaders and teams, ranging from multinationals, charities, private companies and being a preferred supplier of leadership development in government organisations.


Working with Kym on The Extraordinary Minds Program has been an absolute highlight in my OD working life. Our leaders who attended have not only changed, shifted and grown, they have also come together as an extraordinary working group.

This program has the perfect combination of adult learning principles, learning online, professional coaching and mind blowing workshops that are a game changer! It has been incredibly rewarding to see the transformation of our leaders over the period of this program and our partnership with Kym has ensured a genuine and agile tailored approach to the learning of the cohort.

I would absolutely recommend this program and Kym for any work where you want your people to go from good to great, from unconscious to conscious and most importantly if you want them to be their best most extraordinary selves. This is the program. Thank you Kym for an extraordinary experience

Tiffany Wann L&OD - ERM Power 




A few of our amazing clients...